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Title Author Publisher City Year

Acadian Hard Times: The Farm Security Administration in Maine’s St. John Valley 1940-1943

C. Stewart Doty
Photographs by John Collier, Jr., Jack Delano and Jack Walas

University of Maine Press

Orono, ME


French America: Mobility, Identity, and Minority Experience Across the Continent

Edited by: Dean R. Louder and Eric Waddell; translated by Franklin Philip

Louisiana State University Press

Baton Rouge and London


Evangeline and The Evangeline Country

H.W. Longfellow with an Introduction by Joan Huntley

Wm. Collins & Sons Company Canada

London, Toronto


Context of Acadian History (The) 1686-1784 (The 1988 Winthrop Pickard Bell Lectures in Maritime Studies)

Naomi E.S. Griffiths

ISBN 0-7735-0883-x (bound) or 0-7735-0886-4 (pbk)

Center for Canadian Studies Mount Allison University by McGill-Queen’s University Press

Montreal and Kingston; London; Buffalo


Samuel de Champlain (*)

Samuel Eliot Morison (with illustrations)

An Atlantic Monthly Press Book (Little, Brown and Company)



"Vignettes of French Canada" from Cavalcade of the North: An Entertaining Collection of Distinguished Writing by Canadian Authors

Tomas B. Costain;

Selected by George E. Nelson


New York, NY


A Land of Discord Always: Acadia from Its Beginnings to the Expulsion of Its People, 1604-1755

Charles D. Mahaffie, Jr.

Downeast Books

Camden ME


Brief History of Acadia 1604-1992

Rene Babineau

4th ed. Rene Babineau

Andrepont Printing
Opelousas, LA


Colonial Entrepreneur: Dr. Silvlerster Gardiner and the Settlement of Maine’s Kennebec Valley (*)

Olivia E. Cooidge

ISBN- 0-88448-205-7

Tilbury House Publishers & Gardiner Library Association

132 Water Street

Gardiner, Maine 04345


Dawn Over the Kennebec

Mary Calvert

The Monmouth Press

Monmouth, ME


The French Explorers In America:1534-1759

Walter Buehr

Longmans, Green and Company; G.P. Putman and Sons (NY)

New York; first printing published simultaneously in Canada


French-Canadian Heritage in New England (The)

Gerard J. Brault

University Press of New England

Hanover NH


Histoire de L’Acadie

Antoine Bernard Clerc de Saint Viateur


Moncton, NB Canada


Histoire des Franco-Americains

Robert Rumilly de l’Academie canadienne-francaise; Edite par l’Auteur

L’Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste D’Amerique

Montreal; Woonsocket, RI


Immigrants from the North: Franco-Americans Recall the Settlement of Their Canadian Families in the Mill Towns of New England

As collected and written by the Franco-American Studies Class; Hyde School

Hyde School

Bath, ME


La Foi-La Langue-La Culture: The Franco-Americans of Biddeford, Maine

Michael J. Guignard (Dr.)

Michael J. Guignard, Ph.D.

University of New England, Biddeford


La literature franco-americaine: ecrivains et ecritures (Franco-American Literature: Writers and their Writings)

Claire Quintal, ed.

Institut francais

College de l’Assumption

Worcester, MA


Montcalm and Wolfe: France and England in North America, part Seventh

Francis Parkman

Little, Brown and Company



Montcalm: The Marvelous Marquis (*)

Meriwether Liston Lewis

Vintage Press First Ed.

New York


Pierre Dugua De Mons: Founder of Acadie (1604-05) Co-Founder of Quebec (1608)

Jean-Yves Grenon

(English Text)

ISBN 0-9682016-2-8

Penninsular Press

Annapolis Royal NS


Quiet Presence: Dramatic, First-Person Accounts- The True Stories of Franco-Americans in New England

Dyke Hendrickson

Guy Gannett Publishing Co.

Portland, ME


Shaping a Future: the Founding of the University of New England

Eleanor H. Haney

University of New England

Biddeford Pool, Maine 04005

Feb. 1989

Steeples and Smokestacks

Edited by Claire Quintal

Institut francais: Assumption College

Worcester, MA


The Acadians: The Historical Basis for Longfellow’s Poem of Evangeline

George P. Bible

A Firebird Press Book/Pelican Publishing Company

Gretna, LA

Gretna 1998

The Biculturalism of French-Canadian Music 1534-1759


Lucie Therrien

French American Music Enterprises

Portsmouth, NH


The Cajuns: From Acadia to Louisiana

William Faulkner Ruston

The Noonday Press

Farrar, Strauss & Giroux

New York


The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century

Francis Parkman;

Introduction by Conrad E. Hendenreich & Jose Brandao

University of Nebraska Press

Lincoln, NE






The Jesuits In North America in the Seventeenth Century (France and England in North America Part Second

Francis Parkman

Little, Brown and Company



The Musket and the Cross: The Struggle of France and England for North America

Walter D. Edmonds

Little, Brown & Company

Toronto: Canada


The New England Knight: Sir William Phips, 1651-1695 (*)

Emerson W. Baker and John G. Reid

University of Toronto Press

Toronto, Canada


The Two Traditions: The Art of Storytelling Amongst French Newfoundlanders

Gerald Thomas

ISBN 1-55081-055-3


100 Water Street

PO Box 2188

St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada


The White and the Gold (paperback)

Thomas B. Costain

Popular Library, NY



The White and the Gold: The French Regime in Canada (hardcover with jacket)

Thomas B. Costain

Doubleday, Toronto



Tourtiere et d’Autre Chose: Symbols of Franco-American Culture

Juliana L’Heureux

© Juliana L’Heureux

Brunswick, ME


Burgundy print indicates a French language publication.
Forest green print indicates an antique book, edition published circa 1900.
(*) indicates this book is also listed under "biographies" in this bibliography.

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