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A New Pronouncing English-French Dictionary: New Revised Edition Clifton-McLaughlin David McKay Publisher Philadelphia 1904
Cassellís New French and English Dictionary: Compiled by the "Best Authorities in Both Languages" James Boielle, B.A.; aided by Payen-Payne Funk and Wagnalls Company London 1905
Conversational French: A Complete Course in Everyday French Ralph Weiman Crown Publishers 
(Living Language)
New York 1985
Dictionary of Canadian French: The Most Authoritative Guide to the Language of French-speaking Canada Sinclair Robinson and Donald Smith National Textbook Company Lincolnwood, Illinois 1993
Le Parler de Chez Nous: Dictons, patois, expressions de la Vallee Saint-Jean, Maine (with English translations) Don Levesque St. John Valley Times Madawaska, ME 1999
French for Cats: All the French Your Cat Will Ever Need Henry de la Barbe (Henry Beard) with illustrations by Gary Zamchick A John Boswell Associates Book: Villard Books New York 1991
The Anchor Book of French Quotations with English Translations Compiled by

Norbert Guterman

Anchor Books Doubleday
New York 1990
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